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Now you are about to start order processing. If you would like to have more than one of each item, please change the number in the according fields. If you want to delete an item from your shopping list, simply change the number to 0 ("zero") pieces.

Please enter your address and shipping preferences, and we will send your personal offer via e-mail to you within 1-2 days.


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Where we do (not) ship

Usually the customer protection law in the customer's country are applicable to online-shops, too. Unfortunately we are a small German shop and thus cannot check all countries whether we actually are allowed to - as we only can support the process described below by default.

Please tell us the restrictions and laws within your country, and we'll try to find a way.

Currently we are aware of the following restrictions:

  • Austria / Oesterreich - nach Oesterreich koennen wir als Bezahlungsmethode aufgrund der gesetzlichen Vorgaben nur Ueberweisung anbieten.
  • Italy - we unfortunately can't accept orders, as we may not be sure we fulfil all legal orders - and penalties (e.g. for simply being unaware of regulations) simply are way too harsh.
  • Netherlands - we unfortunately can't accept orders, as we are legally not allowed to proceed the way we do. And due to the manual process and small stock we cannot process orders in any other way.
  • Poland - we unfortunately can't accept orders, as all exchanged texts (order, AGB, invoice, ...) have to be in Polish which we do not speak.
  • Spain - we unfortunately can't accept orders, as we cannot guarantee to always fulfil the legally mandatory response times.
  • Switzerland / Schweiz - fulfilling German and Swiss law exclusively and simultaneously? That's the law - but as small business we are simply not equipped to do that legal balancing act. So no orders from there either, sorry.

Our ordering & fulfilment process

Small worldwide available numbers, exchange rate fluctuations and slow publisher shippings make the calculation of stock numbers and prices quite difficult. Thus we designed the following order process:
  1. You order a binding offer from us, e.g. by using the web shop, where we can list only informational prices and availability indicators.
  2. We check our stock and outstanding publisher orders and send you a binding offer, including shipping costs. We are bound to this offer for two weeks. This offer is without any obligation to you.
  3. You accept that offer, e.g. by simply paying the price in advance (if advance payment is agreed upon).
  4. We ship according to our agreement - usually within two weeks.

Of course here the same EU-wide regulations apply where you can revoke your order within 14 days - for details see Widerrufsrecht or contact us.

For the special online shop regulations within Germany and German legalese please see the according German section and German fine print.



* Price and availability status are not final - please see How to Order for detailed order process. There will be additional Shipping costs, depending on number of items, address and shipping method.

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