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For all who do not know Filk music:
Filk music developed in science fiction and fantasy fandom. Accordingly it usually sings of science fiction, fantasy, role playing, medieval times and the like. If you want to know more, please visit the links on the right side - there you'll find more answers.

In this online shop you will usually find CDs and productions of artists and publishers from all over the world who are Filkers or at least know of Filk. Well, exceptions prove the rule - thus if we like something it may happen that a stray non-filk CD might find its way into our shop, too. :D

You can listen to sound samples from many CDs - on the respective CDs pages or just for listening through a wide crossection at our media player.


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Julia Ecklar
'Dream of Flying'

Stone Dragons
'Fragile Dreams '

Leannan Sidhe
'In Like a Lion'

Betsy Tinney / In Like A Lion
'Live At The End Of Days - Doppel-CD'

Abney Park
'Over the Edge'

Tim Griffin
'Insult to Injury'

Tim Griffin
'Wrong & Wright'

Tim Griffin
'The Da Vinci Chord'

Tim Griffin

Currently we have 244 articles listed, of which 136 we readily have available in stock.

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